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What Doctors are saying about STRIDE...


Over 50+ medical practitioners, surgeons, major medical groups and institutions refer STRIDE Home Care Physiotherapy services to their patients.


“STRIDE provide QUALITY Home Care Physical Therapy service in Bangalore. Physios are extremely qualified and caring nature. STRIDE is the only one 24/7  Home Care Physiotherapy service provider in Bangalore. I am getting always positive feedback from my referral patients. Only one thing I can say about STRIDE is  "Highly Recommended.”


Dr. Krishna Kumar, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Bangalore 

“ I highly recommend STRIDE for the treatments of all injuries that include the neck/spine, back/hip leg/feet. STRIDE provide excellent Physical Therapy and is very well known in the community. When patients call us for a recommendation of where to go for their back, leg injuries or any kind of muscular or joint pain, I  recommend STRIDE, because it provide international home care physical therapy in the patient’s home itself, so my patients can take the quality treatment in their home itself. No need to travel here and there. One thing I can say STRIDE provides  excellent home care Physical therapy service.”


Dr. Thomas, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Bangalore



“ I have had the privilege of working with STRIDE from both sides of the equation. I have referred patients to STRIDE  with excellent results, both medically and from the standpoint of client satisfaction and recently when I received treatment for my own back condition, I confirmed the positive feedback which I was getting from my own patients. STRIDE Home Care Physiotherapy  is a first-class physical therapy service provider and I recommend it highly.”


Dr. N Jacob, Rheumatologist, Bangalore



“My patients look forward to their appointments at STRIDE. The Physios are highly skilled in manual  techniques, and have excellent outcomes with both surgical and non-surgical patients.”


Dr.Umesh Shetty,Neuro Surgeon,Bangalore

“As a surgeon, I tell my patients that their outcomes are only as good as their physiotherapy. Therefore, I consider STRIDE is  a vital partner in the care of my patients in their home itself.”


Dr. Jois M. Neuro Surgeon, Bangalore



"Sports Medicine Physicians partner with skilled physical therapists to deliver optimal patient care. STRIDE  have forged an effective working relationship with my practice. STRIDE offers a wide range of therapeutic modalities, manual techniques that enable them to effectively treat a myriad of complicated ailments. Many of my patients benefit from the individualized treatment plans essential for recovery provided to them by the skilled Physios at STRIDE. Communication between physician, physio, and patient is essential. STRIDE provides timely updates on patient progress and partners with me to provide superior medical care. STRIDE  is a superior and valuable resource for sports medicine patients of all ages."


Dr. Rakesh Yadav, Sports Medicine Specialist, Bangalore


“We have recommended STRIDE Home Care Physiotherapy for the rehabilitation of our patients from 1 year. They have always demonstrated an enormous capacity for thorough and compassionate care.”


Dr. Vivek Shrivastav, Orthopaedic Surgeon,Shreyas Orthopaedic and Trauma Hospital, Bangalore



“STRIDE is a heaven where I tell my patients for rehabilitation as well as comfort at patient’s home itself. The staff is knowledgable and kind, and the facilities pleasantly well maintained.”


Dr. Sudhir Anand, Rheumatologist, Bangalore

"STRIDE Home Care Physiotherapy clearly lives up to it's name. STRIDE consistently given superior care with warmth - individualizing the appropriate healing pathway."


Dr.Kamath, M.S., Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon,Bamgalore

"I have had an outstanding professional relationship with STRIDE because my patients receive customized physical therapy for their specific problems rather than the standard normal physiotherapy (i.e. heat, cold & other electrical modalities). The goals of STRIDE are always to instruct patients in proper body mechanics and independent home exercises after they have completed their physical therapy. My patients are always pleased with the special attention they receive (from STRIDE Physios) for their problems."


Dr. Sushila Dutt, Neurologist Bangalore

"We always see our patients promptly and the patients appreciate the good care from STRIDE Home Care Physiotherapy. I highly recommend my patients to STRIDE Home Care Physiotherapy."


Dr. Yogesh Jain, M.D., Pediatrician, Bangalore

"STRIDE Home Care Physiotherapy  is my referral of choice due to their expertise, care, concern, and "International Treatment" approach. I only have positive things to say (about the staff)."


Dr. Bhaskar Kumar, M.D. Rheumatologist, Bangalore

"I just wanted to let you know that I get consistently outstanding feedback from my patients about STRIDE. Congratulations and thanks!"

Dr. Vinit Goel, M.S. Spine Surgeon, Bangalore

"Since 1 year I worked with STRIDE, I have found them consistently outstanding and professional in their work with my patients. Whether dealing with one of our professional athletes, injured workers, or the elderly, STRIDE delivers top quality Home Care Physical Therapy service."


Dr. Chandrasekhar J, Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Specialist, Bangalore

“STRIDE Home Care Physiotherapy have provided our patients who have musculoskeletal disorders with top quality care in helping them regain physical function and improve their quality of life. The feedback for the Physios is timely and insightful, and all the issues are addressed in a professional and caring manner. I have complete confidence that when I refer my patients to STRIDE, they will receive the best care available."


Dr. Shrikanth M, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Bangalore