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S-Sports & Soft Tissue Injury Rehabilitation

T-Traumatic Injury Rehabilitation

R-Repetitive Strain Injury Rehabilitation

I-Intervention with Early (For childrens)

D-Dealing Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

E-Elderly Care / Ergonomic Rehabilitation


STRIDE Home Care Physiotherapy Pvt.Ltd. provide Physical Therapy Service to the patients who are not able to come for treatment to Hospital or Clinic due to injury or disability.  STRIDE follow the Ethics of World Confederation of Physical Therapy (USA).  STRIDE provide mainly Sports injury rehabilitation, any Traumatic Injury rehabilitation, RSI (Repetitive Strain  Injury rehabilitation),  Intervention for the early (i.e for Childrens),  dealing any Neuromuscular rehabilitation, Elderly or Aged Care rehabilitation, Ergonomic Related rehabilitation.

STRIDE  provide physiotherapy assessments and treatment at the comfort of your own home.   This service is often utilised by patients that have difficulty attending clinic appointments or for those that are experiencing difficulty performing everyday activities at home.   People that benefit from a home assessment and treatment are those that have difficulty getting in and out of bed, in and out of chairs, up and down stairs, lack of confidence to walk outside on their own, and those that require assistance with everyday activities such as washing and dressing.

The Physios of  STRIDE  are having more than 4 years of Clinical expertise.  Every body has treated more than 6,000 patients till now.